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Learn English with YouTube

The best YouTube channels to learn English 📸

Looking for a fun way to learn English? Here's a list of the best educational YouTube channels to learn English!

Everyone has heard about YouTube - an enormous platform with more than 300 hours' worth of videos published every single day! But how could you use all of that to improve your English?

We have picked out for you the best channels to learn English, improve your accent (be it American or British), as well as channels with tips and techniques to help in your English studies, whether you're a beginner or advanced!

Choose your level and find the best channels for you!

Channels for beginners

If you want to expose yourself to English from the very start, these channels are perfect for beginners and false beginners:

Speak English with Christina

Christina's videos cover a wide range of topics, from grammar (such as the differences between using the infinitive and the -ing form), as well as videos which will help you better understand spoken English and even start thinking in English!

How to improve your comprehension of spoken English

Daily English Conversation

If you prefer more traditional methods, then this is the channel for you! It offers videos with common sentences and vocabulary, with audio, which you can listen to anywhere. This will help you get used to the sounds of the English language and to better understand English in context. Almost as if you're listening to podcasts!

Learn common sentences and vocabulary in English

Intermediate channels

If you're an intermediate speaker, then I would recommend that you watch videos entirely in English. I'm sure that your level is already good enough to understand them - don't be modest!

British English

Easy English

Let's start from one my favorite channels to practice languages. Do you like authentic content? Listening to real people speak English in the street? If that's the case, I recommend the channel Easy English! It's a great way to learn real English with YouTube!

Walk around the streets of England and find out what people think about topics which are current and interesting. You'll be listening to real conversations, not to mention that there are subtitles available to support you if you don't understand something!

What do people from York love the most about their city?

Speak English with Misterduncan

With his humor, personality, and, of course, his British accent, Misterduncan keeps the attention of all learners!

In his videos, he covers topics which are relatively basic, like the English alphabet, how to say hello and goodbye in English, but also topics which can be of interest to intermediate learners, such as English slang:

Speak English with Misterduncan

English with Lucy

Learn to speak with a beautiful British accent, just like Lucy! She shares techniques to learn vocabulary efficiently, how to hold conversations in English more easily and, above all, she makes a lot of videos focused on pronunciation in British English.

Learn English pronunciation on YouTube

BBC Learning English

Learning English with the BBC sounds like a good idea, right? The BBC's YouTube channel offers many videos on topics which are interesting and authentic, with questions to test your comprehension!

If you're already at an advanced level, you can also check out the rubric News Review, where they analyze the language used in news and explain how to better understand more advanced topics:

Learn how to use the news-language in daily life!

British Council | LearnEnglish Kids

Do you have kids? Would you like to teach them English from an early age? With this channel from the British Council, you can expose your kids to English with videos which are exciting, interesting, and educational! And if you're interested, you can also improve your English alongside the little ones - listening to fairy tales or children's songs in English is a great way to sneak in a few extra hours of practice!

English for beginners on YouTube

American English

We continue our list with the best YouTube channels to learn American English:

Rachel's English

We present to you Rachel, the queen of American pronunciation! If you want to improve your American accent, we highly recommend that you watch her videos dedicated to pronunciation, the mouth's position to produce each sound of American English, and how to improve your comprehension of American English. For example, in her most popular video, she explains the difference between the pronunciations of the words six and sex... You can image it's a good idea to learn to tell the difference between those two!

If you find Rachel's videos on pronunciation interesting, I'm sure you're going to love our interactive infographic which will help you master all 39 sounds of American English!

Accent's Way English with Hadar

Hadar comes from Israel, but she speaks English with a perfect American accent. In her videos, she shares her secrets to pronouncing sounds in American English and teaches how to pronounce tricky words in English. If she could do it, then why wouldn't you?

5 difficult words to pronounce in American English


This channel covers grammar, vocabulary, accent training, slang, idiomatic expressions, culture, and much more! Enjoy the clear explanations, structured lessons and 11 different teachers from all around the world!

The best YouTube channel to learn English grammar?


Do you need to relearn the basics in English? You can do that with Jennifer's videos! She's a calm teacher, who's positive and welcoming. That creates the perfect learning atmosphere! She makes videos on English pronunciation, structured lessons on the basics, but also more advanced topics like idiomatic expressions or slang, for example!

Learn to small-talk in English!

Business English Pod

If you need to learn English for work or in order to do business in English, then you'll surely find this channel very useful! It covers specialized topics, such as making an offer or financial vocabulary in English!

How to express your opinion during a work meeting?

VOA Learning English

Do you want to watch videos in English, but maybe still find it a bit hard to understand? If that's the case, this channel is perfect for you! These videos are slower and the speakers articulate more! This can serve you as a stepping stone to reach a more advanced level!

What does a stereotype mean?

Australian English

Aussie English

Are you interested in Australia or the Australian accent? Pete shows us how to pronounce the Australian vowel sounds, demonstrates the different Australian accents and teaches us slang terms from his home country!

The different variations of the Australian accent

New Zealand English

Unfortunately, there are still no channels dedicated entirely to the New Zealander accent, but we have gathered the best videos on YouTube to show you what the accent sounds like, how to adopt it, and some common Kiwi slang!

Best videos to learn English on YouTube

Advanced channels

If you have an advanced level in English, then we would recommend that you watch non-adapted content! Videos which were made by native speakers for native speakers. That is the best way to get exposed to a natural way of speaking and acquire a great accent in English! Learning and practicing with YouTube videos is one of my absolute favorite ways to improve my language skills! We have actually also planned to publish an article with a list of the best YouTube channels to practice English soon. So, stay tuned!

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