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“I've studied English for years, but I still can't speak it!”

Hi! I'm Fabien Snauwaert, an English teacher who used to suck at languages.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the most difficult thing in English is to pronounce it correctly! How do you say these words?

  • iron
  • focus
  • colonel

Did you say AY-ron , FUK-us and CO-lo-nel?

If so, it's not your fault! English spelling is a total mess and you cannot guess how to pronounce most words based on text alone. You have to learn with your ears! 👂

But it gets so much easier when we can SEE the pronunciation in addition to LISTENING to it. Click on this widget:

It's for the word . Now try these words:  , .

Click & Speak® lets you see the pronunciation of English thanks to the widget above we call a Phonograph™.

We're obsessed with pronunciation!

Learning a language properly starts with getting the accent and pronunciation right. If you learn this wrong, it'll take you years to fix, because you'll have to re-learn the pronunciation of every single word – trust me on this one! I've sadly been there! ☹️ Knowing the meaning of a word, but not being understood when you say it just sucks.

Luckily, there's a better way:

In Click & Speak, you'll find audio everywhere, recorded by native actors, and phonetic transcriptions to help you make out the pronunciation.

Then just click on it to repeat!

Here's another demo with a longer sentence. Click on the words or phonetic symbols to play them back:

“It's their birthday party.”

By giving you phonetic transcriptions everywhere in the standard IPA, Click & Speak lets you improve your LISTENING SKILLS every day… until spoken English becomes as easy to understand as your native language.

And by imitating the actors, you learn to speak clearly from the start, with a smooth, authentic, pronunciation.

Repeating as much as I want and being able to listen to each sound individually have helped me very significantly improve my accent.

What you get with Click & Speak

It's not just a course – it's everything you need to learn English from beginner to advanced and start seeing progress today.

In Click & Speak, you'll find two main components that will help you master English, plus a lot of principles to make sure you learn efficiently.

The Monologues

Find your words when you speak! Our 7,066 Monologues teach you useful sentences by heart:

Screenshot of Click & Speak's Monologues

Learn useful English sentences every day.

You get 16 to 24 Monologues per day until you finish the training. But beware: it's addictive!

Check out the full index

Every sentence is designed to be as useful as possible, teaching you pronunciation, vocab’ and grammar all at once. And our spaced-repetition system makes it easy for you to review and remember.

We hate language courses that waste our time. So we made every sentence count!

The only English training that's EFFICIENT!!

The Dialogues

The Monologues will teach you a ton, but some things are best learned from conversations.

So we've put together 365 Dialogues that take you through lots of different situations in English: on a date; with friends; learning; working; some drama; shopping; life events… Thanks to these, you will learn how people really speak English and become able to take part in conversations.

Screenshot of Click & Speak's Dialogues

Learn how to have a conversation in English.

Check out the full table of contents

You get one dialogue per day for a year. These are super lively and they're either fun, interesting or emotional. Working with them is a lot like watching a sitcom!

Read on, or start now now if you're already convinced!

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What I loved most about Click & Speak is the importance given to the spoken word, the variety of dialogues and situations, and how rich its vocabulary is!

Improve your spoken English!

How many hours have you wasted in textbooks, learning English without making any progress on what matters most – speaking and comprehension?

With Click & Speak, your spoken English will get much better, because you will...

Careful listening and imitation is the only way to learn how to speak properly and, with Click & Speak, you have everything at your fingertips.

Get started now and be improving your pronunciation within minutes:

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It's a pure delight to work on Click & Speak every day and to see my accent get better and better!

Real English, real useful

“I'm waiting for the apple.”, “Pedro spreads butter on his feet.” or “The tailor is my dealer.” What the hell?! These are sentences actually taught in language courses. While they're fun the first time you see them, when most of the course is composed of such nonsense, you're wasting your time. 🦉

In Click & Speak, you only learn REAL English that you can USE, in real life, to get things done – whether it's working, traveling, making friends, talking to your in-laws… – EVERYTHING!

You'll never have to worry if what you're learning is useful, ever again.

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Your training is pure genius! All of the sentences are useful and taken from daily life. Clearly, your training truly saves years of work.

All in one place!

If you've ever tried to learn a language, you know it's not easy to maintain your motivation. And knowing just what you should focus on is not obvious either. Don't you feel it's tough to stick to your studies?

So we've made everything possible to give you everything you need to learn American English and keep your motivation, all in one place:

In the end, we cut out the work for you so you would save a lot of time, stay focused and see your progress. Our contents, phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, logical progression and review system are ready to use. This way, you spend your time practicing and getting results, with a method that quite simply works.

Stop learning English with the wrong pronunciation, and improve your English faster! Join 1,525 users. Start now:

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Picture of Click & Speak user Michel for his testimonial
This method is complete and very well structured (this is very important.)

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