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Learn English with YouTube

English speaking YouTubers ▶️

Learn English with YouTube – it's both effective and enaging. Discover the most famous English speaking YouTubers!

We all love watching YouTube videos – it's become one of the most popular and influential media. But did you know that watching YouTube videos can also be one of the best techniques to practice your English? Today we are going to see how you can improve your English while also enjoying YouTube videos. We will also see some of the most popular YouTube channels in English – natural content made by English speakers for English speakers!

But pay attention – we won't be talking about YouTube channels to learn English, with videos on grammar or vocabulary – no! We'll be talking about channels that English speakers like and watch regularly. You're probably wondering why we'd do that...

Why watch YouTube videos in English?

For me, YouTube is one of the most enjoyable techniques to learn a language, but also one of the most efficient ones. Think about it – these are real people who use authentic words, slang, pronunciation, and expressions. This is the way real people you come across on the street tend to speak. If you get used to the way youtubers speak, you will better understand all native speakers.

It's better than using a manual to learn English, where you can only find words and expressions people used 20 or 30 years ago. Languages evolve very quickly and if you don't live in an English-speaking country, one of the best ways to expose yourself to English is to read and listen to the same things as English speakers do.

I can tell you that it's thanks to YouTube that I've learned a big part of my English and my French.

That's why we decided to create a list of English speaking Youtubers who are both popular and interesting. They will allow you to improve your English, while also enjoying videos you would gladly watch in your native language, too.

There's a lot of content in this article, so we recommend that you save it in your Favorites list, so you can come back to it every time you want to discover a new channel.

So, choose the type of video you like and discover the best YouTube channels you can use to practice your English!


This is undoubtedly the most popular type of videos. By watching funny videos on YouTube, you will not only have a good laugh, but also learn how to joke in English, make puns and learn about English humor!

Here are some of the most popular comedians on YouTube:


Jenna makes videos which show reality – how people drive, take a shower or fall asleep, for example. Everyone can relate to her videos!

Shane Dawson

Shane is a youtuber who does challenges, often talks about conspiracy theories and gossip in the YouTube world. Maybe it's thanks to his diverse content that he's received 20 million subscribers!


Smosh is a group of YouTubers who make parody videos on popular situations of real life, such as people on the Internet or at a fastfood restaurant, for example.

Here's a parody commercial on beef, bon appétit:


Ryan Higa, also know as nigahiga, the name of his channel, makes humoristic videos often mocking certain groups of people. For example, "How to be emo", "How to be a gangster", and his most popular video "Nice guys":

IISuperwomanII (Canada)

Lilly Singh was born in Canada, but her parents are from India. That's the reason why she makes a lot of videos imitating her parents and you can often hear the Indian accent. Other popular videos of hers are "Types of XXX", for example "Types of parents" or "Types of commercials".

Liza Koshy

The reason why people love Liza Koshy is that she makes extremely funny videos which are also a bit weird! To give you an idea – in one of her most popular videos, she shows everything you can buy for just one dollar. She sings and dances in the middle of a dollar store – Internet humor at its finest!

AmazingPhil (England)

Phil and his friend Dan do challenges, like imitating plants, singing about lizards or drawing their subscribers, for example. It's surely due to the originality of their content that they've become among the most popular British YouTubers!

Joey Graceffa

Joey's videos are very diverse – he does challenges, tries out different types of weird products, music and, above all, he is the host of the YouTube show Escape The Night, a collaboration with several YouTubers, which is mysterious and a bit scary!

Here's the first episode of the show:


Jack's humor is without a doubt unique. Not only does he make parody videos, but also several segments, like YIAY (Yesterday I asked you) where he edits photos, flags, and pictures to make them even funnier. Another segment which might help you in your English studies is called Your grammar sucks, where he reads comments with embarrassing mistakes that make no sense.



CollegeHumor does sketches, videos on the reality of daily life and also parody videos:

Troye Sivan(Australia)

Maybe you already know Troye thanks to his music career, but did you know he also started out on YouTube? He makes funny videos like one where his friend waxes his legs or does his make-up:

Jamie's World (New Zealand)

Jamie could without a doubt do a one-woman show because she has an excellent way of telling stories about her life which is both funny and interesting:

Caspar Lee (South Africa)

Parodies, challenges, and practical jokes – just a little overview of Caspar's videos:


Surprisingly, the most popular videos on YouTube are the ones on gaming in which people play video games and show us how to pass the difficult levels or stream while they're playing.

PewDiePie (Sweden)

Maybe you've already heard about PewDiePie – he's the most popular YouTuber, with more than 110 million subscribers! It's really hard to put him in one of these categories, because his videos are really diverse, but we decided that it's the gaming videos where his personality shines:

VanossGaming (Canada)

Evan Fong, also known as VanossGaming is another one of the most popular YouTubers with more than 9 billion views on his channel. It's probably thanks to his funny comments and high-quality editing that he's earned them!


Mark's specialty are surely the videos of the segment Let's play. This type of videos falls into the play-through category, where a person plays through an entire game, often with comments:

Jacksepticeye (Ireland)

It's certainly thanks to his talent for playing video games and his humor that Jack has received more than 10 billion views on his YouTube channel. Just like Markplier, he makes videos called Let's play:

DanTDM (England)

Daniel plays a lot of video games on his channel, but he's mostly known for his videos on Minecraft and Spiderman PS4. He's one of the most popular YouTubers in the United Kingdom.

TheSyndicateProject (England)

Tom, the creator of the channel TheSyndicateProject, to a big extent owes his fame to the videos where he plays Call of Duty and Minecraft.

Not only can you use English to have fun, but also to learn new things. With the abundant content available on YouTube, you can find information about anything you're interested.


Even if the topic is a bit complex, if you like science, try these channels here to improve your knowledge of the English language and the surrounding world!


Vsauce is a channel which offers videos on topics such as science, psychology, math, philosophy, and many more! Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if all the people on Earth jumped at once? Here's the answer:

AsapSCIENCE (Canada)

With their cool animation and informative videos on different topics, the AsapSCIENCE channel gives us answers on many questions. For example, do you remember the audio Yanny or Laurel on Twitter? It's an audio recording which is heard differently depending on the person – some hear Yanny while others hear Laurel . Here's the explanation on the mystery:

(Personally, I always hear Yanny... what about you?)


Destin Sandlin is an engineer and in 2007 he decided to create his channel SmarterEveryDay. In his videos, Destin explains to us how things in everyday life work, things you've undoubtedly wondered about! Do you know tattoos are made or why they're so durable?

Big Think

With experts such as Bill Clinton and Bill Nye, this YouTube channel offers thousands of videos on different topics in order to become more intelligent and responsible.

Do you want to understand how the universe works? Watch Michio Kaku's presentation on the topic:

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell (Germany)

The name of this channel comes from German – kurz gesagt translates to "in a nutshell". Indeed, this channel offers videos on different topics in the field of science... in a nutshell! We often talk about the immune system, but do you know how it actually works?


We live in a fascinating universe... and here, at SciShow, we hate not knowing.

That's the channel's slogan. Learn things like what gluten actually is, why cats purr, how the dinosaurs disappeared and much more!


Another engineer by profession, Derek Muller is passionate about science and wants to share his knowledge with the world. Do you know what the Magnus Effect is and how you can apply that in your own life?


By showing us drawings and illustrations, Henry Reich explains to us physical phenomena. What happens when an immovable object meets unstoppable force – which one would win?

It's Okay To Be Smart

How does an igloo keep people warm? Do we all belong to the same family? Why does February have 28 days? These are just a few of the interesting questions to which you will find the answers by watching the channel It's Okay To Be Smart.

Home Science

Do you like to do science experiments at home? As the name would suggest, Home Science is a YouTube channel dedicated to science at home!


Big History Project

This is a YouTube channel which analyzes how the universe has developed over its 13.8 billion years' history! It helps us better understand people, civilization, and how everything around us is connected, from the forming of the planets to life in society!


Simple History

As its name would suggest, Simple History is a channel which presents historical events in a simple and interesting way, with illustrations to help better understand the new information.

Crash Course - History

Crash Course is actually a YouTube channel that offers courses on different topics like Biology, Chemistry, Theater, and many more, but we decided to include their courses on History. Presented by the famous writer, John Green, this course has 42 episodes which go from the Agricultural Revolution to Globalization.

The Great War

A channel dedicated to the First World War, which follows the events during the conflict on a weekly basis.

Epic History TV (England)

The World Wars, Russia's history and Alexander the Great are just a few ones of the videos you can find on Epic History TV.

Feature History (Australia)

Discover things about the less known topics, such as the Civil War in China or the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, all presented in a light and humorous way, thanks to the entertaining narrator.



Discover the beauty of our world by watching some of the most popular English-speaking travelers on YouTube!

FunForLouis (England)

Louis makes high-quality videos to show the beauty of our world. In one of his most popular videos, he meets an African tribe and shows us some of their traditions:

Hey Nadine (Canada)

Not only does Nadine document her travels and share them with us, but she also gives tips on traveling on a budget, what you should avoid while traveling, how to pack your suitcases, and much more.

Mr Ben Brown

Mr Ben Brown shows us the beauty of countries like Canada or the United States, but also why it's important to wear a seat belt and what happens during a car accident:

Mark Wiens (Thailand)

Mark's videos are focused on food. He shows us the cuisine of each country he visits:

Wolters World

This channel's goal is to provide travelers with all the information they need in order to go to a country – the best and the worst of each city, how to travel on a budget so you have more money for the next trips, etc. If you want to visit the United States, it would be a good idea to know about what you should and should not do there:


Kristen & Siya

In their videos, Kristen and Siya take us in countries like India, Finland or Thailand, and give us tips on how to survive long flights or how to pack efficiently.


Tyler Oakley

It's difficult to put Tyler in a single category since his videos are so diverse – a lot of comedy, many challenges, and also cooking videos, product testing, and much more.



The diversity of Casey's videos is just incredible – on his channel you can find videos on traveling, product and service testing, pranks and a lot more. In one of his most popular videos, he shows us what a first-class airplane seat that costs $21,000 looks like.

Zoella (England)

Zoella is probably among the most popular English YouTubers. In her videos, she tests products (sometimes weird ones), she gives advice on living with anxiety, everyday life stress, she does shopping hauls and, as many YouTubers, she does funny challenges!

David Dobrik

You'll definitely have fun watching David's videos where he swims in 1,400 pounds of carbonic snow, does pranks or eats the biggest pizza in the world.

Ingrid Nilsen

Apartment tours, morning and evening routines, funny challenges and healthy recipes are just some of the videos you can find on Ingrid's channel.

The ACE Family

This channel follows the life of a charming family – from the marriage proposal to the birth and lives of their children!

Wengie (Australia)

Wengie attracts viewers with her colorful videos, her humor and the fact she gives interesting advice on different topics, she tests products, and does DIY videos:



VisualPolitik EN (England)

This channel covers topics like politics, economy, and what's happening in the world. Do you know why Qatar is the richest country in the world or why the Israeli army is so powerful, for example?

The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire is a political YouTube channel which posts videos where they express their opinions on different topics related to politics.


If you're interested in American politics, you'll find this channel interesting:

Jordan B Peterson (Canada)

Jordan is a professor and therapist, and, in his videos, he talks about politics, religion, personality, and covers many other topics, as well.


A lawyer passionate about politics and society, who strongly believes in freedom of speech shares his opinions and analyzes current events.


Gordon Ramsay (United Kingdom)

Gordon Ramsay is without a doubt one of the most well-known chefs in the United Kingdom and the world. In his videos, he shares cooking techniques, tips and tricks on becoming a better cook, as well as interesting and exotic recipes!

Binging with Babish

Babish combines his passion for production and cuisine on his YouTube channel. Learn how to prepare a New York-style pizza, a ratatouille or the famous Krabby Patty from the cartoon Sponge Bob:

Food Wishes

Improve your culinary talent with Chef John's videos!


Munchies is a culinary YouTube channel which shows how to prepare a cheeseburger, light crepes or how to eat sushi correctly.

Bon Appétit

Cook with confidence by watching the Bon appétit videos where you can find easy recipes, tips on better cooking and restaurant guides. Watch how a professional chef prepares gourmet Oreos:

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura shares her passion for cooking and shows us easy-to-follow recipes, which are really delicious:




Rachel offers a big range of videos – tips and tricks, DIY, comedy, and of course, beauty videos:

Bethany Mota

Bethany makes shopping haul videos, gives tips and ideas for outfits, as well as make-up and hair tutorials:

NikkieTutorials (Netherlands)

Nikkie de Jager, who is actually Dutch, is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers in the world. She became popular online thanks to her video The Power of MAKEUP! which has inspired other YouTubers to show their faces with and without makeup.

Tanya Burr (England)

Tanya is not only passionate about makeup, she is also a writer and an actress. In 2014 she even started her own beauty line called Tanya Burr Cosmetics.

Shaaanxo (New Zealand)

Test your comprehension of the New Zealand accent, while also enjoying videos on makeup, cosmetics, and beauty:

Fitness & Nutrition


FitnessBlender offers more than 500 workout sessions and tips on becoming the best version of yourself!

Nikki Blackketter

Nikki does vlogs (in other words, a video blog) on her channel – she shares her life, what she eats, and what she does to stay in shape.


The goal that the Bodybuilding.com channel has is to support you, teach you about nutrition, and give you the best exercises to get in shape:


Lauren Toyota

On her YouTube channel, Lauren shares her passion for living responsibly, with creativity, and living in the moment. If you're interested in the vegan lifestyle, you'll definitely like her videos:

Sixpackfactory (South Africa)

If you want to lose weight, burn fats or put on muscle weight, you will find this channel interesting:

Talk shows

Watch the same TV shows as Americans on YouTube!


TheEllenShow has become one of the most popular talk shows in the United States thanks to the humor and wits of the host, Ellen DeGeneres.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

There are many segments on this show, but the most popular one has to be the Wheel of Musical Impressions, where singers like Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande or Céline Dion imitate other popular artists:

Jimmy Kimmel Live

On his show, Jimmy Kimmel does a lot of interviews, pranks, and social experiments:

The Kelly Clarkson Show

My favorite American talk show! Kelly Clarkson is of course mostly known for her musical career, but for the past couple of years she's also been the host of one of the most popular daytime shows – The Kelly Clarkson Show! Not only is her show hilarious thanks to her shining personality and humor; she often invites guests who are ordinary people who have done something interesting and/or important:


Reaction videos are some of the most popular ones on the Web. That's why the two brothers Benny and Rafi decided to create a YouTube channel where several people of different ages react to current events, videos, music, and others. The videos from the Try not to laugh segment have had an enormous success with millions of views:

TED talks

Listen to hundreds of people all around the world sharing their knowledge, experiences, and stories!

Do you often find yourself procrastinating?

Discover YouTube on your own

If you don't like any of the channels we recommended, you can also try exploring the YouTube world on your own and find the perfect channels for your taste! Use this site, choose your favorite genre, country, language, and discover who the most popular YouTubers in that field are!

Always stay up to date

If you want to always stay up to date and know what's happening in the YouTube world in your favorite English-speaking country, then click on one of these links to see the trending videos in the country of your choice:

There you have them, the most popular YouTube channels to practice English. It's obviously impossible to include every single YouTuber, so help us by telling us what your favorite YouTubers are!

See also

  • This article was focused on English-speaking YouTubers. If you want to learn English on YouTube with a more traditional approach, in other words by studying rather than practicing, then go check out our article on the best YouTube channels to learn English. There you will find English teachers, courses on grammar and pronunciation, for beginners and intermediate learners. Then, come back to this article to practice English with authentic content.

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