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Learn English through comics - here's our selection of the best comic books you can use to improve!

Why read comic books in English? If it's one of your hobbies and you already spend a lot of time doing it, then it can be the perfect way to improve your English. Imagine if all the time you spend reading your favorite comic books became time which you invest in learning English... seems too good to be true?

You can also use them during your so-called "dead time" - these are all the little moments in your day when your body is occupied but your mind is free to practice English! This can be while you wait for the bus, in the public transport or while waiting in line. Spend a few minutes (even hours) reading not only books, but also comics in English with exciting stories and fantastic illustrations! (But do be careful - you might miss the bus.)

If you've never read a comic book in English, why not try today? It's the perfect occasion to discover new sources of learning and this will guarantee that you'll never feel bored again!

Comic strip series

Let's start off with the best comics to improve your English on the Internet. They're often short and light, entertaining, and you'll risk getting addicted to reading comic strips without even realizing it!


One of my favorite strips - it's funny, original and the characters are quite special, to say the least. Have you seen a potato-bear hybrid before?

Learn English with comics

Puns in English are the best ones!

The Oatmeal

Explore the variety of short comics, often similar to memes. The stories are independent from one another, so you can start with any one of them. Reading even just one comic strip a day will help you improve.

Learn English with comics

How to eat a burrito

You're all just jealous of my jetpack

We're not only jealous of his jetpack, but also his talent for writing comics! The creator, Tom Gauld, is well-known for his illustrations not only on Tumblr, but also for his comics which are regularly published in the newspaper The Guardian. That goes to say - you will not be disappointed!

Learn English with comics

Tom Gauld's best comics to learn English


The creator has an interesting sense of humor, his comics will shock you, make you laugh, and even make you question life!

Learn English with comics

How to greet someone

Webconic Name

You might be surprised to find out how a single catchphrase, Oh no!, can be used in so many different ways! The jokes and the illustrations are simple, but the results are stunning!

Learn English with comics

First kiss

Cassandra Calin

Cassandra creates funny and honest comic books which anyone can relate to!

Learn English with comics


Calvin & Hobbes

Practicing English on Twitter might seem unlikely to you, maybe even impossible? Discover the famous comics of Calvin and Hobbes, created by Bill Watterson and make Twitter your new way of improving English!

Learn English with comics

No one likes it when we take things literally

Hark! A vagrant

Kate Beaton, the creator of Hark! A vagrant has a degree in History, bur her creative energy was too strong for her to stay in a museum her whole life. So she decided to start her blog for comic books where she shares funny short stories, which are always full of wit!

Learn English with comics

What happened in Ancient Greece...


The creator of this comic strip, Scott Adams, published his first work in 1989 and has had some remarkable success - there are books, cartoons and even video games! Everyone has fallen in love with the satirical humor of the author and in his main character, Dilbert the engineer!

Learn English with comics

Not so easy not to offend anyone!

Strange Planet

Strange Planet is a comic strip created by Nathan W. Pyle, which shows ordinary situations we don't even think about, but in an alternative universe, presented in an unnecessarily important way. His book became the #1 New York Times bestseller, so it definitely deserves your attention! You can follow him on Instagram and get some regular English practice on your feed, or maybe even buy his book!

Learn English with comics

Why say "tea" when you can call it "leaf liquid"?!


A classic strip created by Jim Davis. Garfield is a charming, funny, and (surprisingly often) relatable character. I think these are among the best comics to learn English!

Learn English with comics

Do you sometimes get nap attacks?

Comic strip aggregators

Here's a list of comic book aggregators. These are websites which collect comic books from different authors:


Scroll through pages on end and choose among the hundreds of comic books, created by independent creators!

Daily Comics

As its name suggest, this website offers daily comic book strips, and these are some of the best comic books to learn English, too! Get into the habit of spending one or two minutes every morning to read the daily comic, while drinking your coffee, for example. Even if it doesn't seem like a lot to you, the importance lies in regularity. You'll undoubtedly see the result in the long run!

Learn English with comics

The era of robots


Let's continue our tour of comic books on the Internet with some of the best platforms! They allow you to publish and read comic books and mangas in English. Happy reading!


Tapas offers you a wide selection of original mangas in English. Mangas are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. The site was created to help independent creators publish their work. All of these amazing stories can't wait to be discovered!


There are several ways you can use this site - you can subscribe in order to enjoy a giant list of comic books and mangas, and for those of you who are on a budget, the site also offers a generous list of free titles!

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon is probably not the first place where you would look for free comic books in English, however the site offers a list of the 100 best comics in the category "Best Sellers" for free on Kindle! By having other readers' opinions, you can easily choose the title for your next literary adventure and you can be sure to have some quality content!


Another place which doesn't automatically spring to mind when we want to find free comic books in English online, but Marvel actually offers a list of titles which you can download and read for free! To do that, all you need to do is register.

Comic Book +

With thousands of titles from the Golden Age of comic books, this site's collection is truly impressive! There you can find classics like the romantic comics from the 50's, for example. I should warn you, though, you can easily spend hours on this site, as the opportunities are almost unlimited!

Go Comics

This site publishes short comic books every day. You can also receive them by email, which is super convenient. Join the 44,000 subscribers from all around the world and explore the new comic books in English

Create your own comic books!

Have you ever wanted to create your own comic strip in English online? If you're full of ideas and are looking to start your own comic books series, you can try Canva! Bonus points if they're in English!

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Immersing yourself in a foreign language without crossing the border or even getting out of your house has become so easy! Thanks to the Internet, the number of available resources to learn and practice English with is just incredible. Learning English on your own has become possible. Here are some other great resources:

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