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Welcome to the blog!

👋 How to learn English

A few words about how to learn English and how our blog can help you (especially with your pronunciation).

Welcome to our new blog to learn English!

English has a reputation as an easy language. But is it really that simple? If you've ever tried to say the words "colonel" or "squirrel", or mixed up the pronunciation of words that look similar such as "beer", "bear" and "beard", you know it can be challenging.

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

The big issue is: English is not spelled the way it's pronounced! If you're like me and you've learned English in school with a ton of text and grammar... Then, sooner or later, you'll find out that your pronunciation is wrong and that you need to fix it.

This blog will show you how.

Retrain your ears 👂

We will teach you standard American English with a General American accent (the standard, non-regional, educated accent in North America.) We'll give you lots of examples with audio and phonemic transcriptions so you can re-train your ears and your mouth to pronounce English properly.

Here are a few examples. Click the words and repeat:

We include phonemic transcriptions in the IPA to show you which sounds make up a word. For example, "colonel" is not pronounced /ˈkoʊ·roʊ·nɛl/, but /ˈkɝ·nəl/!

Those symbols may look a bit confusing the first time you see them, but trust us: after you see them everywhere for a while, you will get used to them. And they will really make your life easier: they'll help you check the pronunciation of any word quickly, easily, and accurately.

The more you read this blog, the more you'll improve your pronunciation.

What's the best way to learn English? 👀

It's nice to learn, but did you ever think about how you learn? To learn English, you need to master four skills:

Comprehension Expression
Spoken Listening Speaking
Written Reading Writing

Does the order matter? Hell, yeah!

To learn more easily and pick up a good accent that's easy for people to understand, ideally, we want to do things in this order:

  1. Listen
  2. Speak
  3. Read
  4. Write

This is what a kid does (and they take their time to do so.) As a teen or adult, you may want to mix things up a bit, and that's OK. But remember: you can only say correctly what you hear correctly.

To develop these four skills, you will need to study the following three areas:

  • Phonetics. The sounds that make up a language and its music.
  • Vocabulary. The words that make up a language, including word stress, pronunciation, the context we use them in, and how we inflect them.
  • Grammar. The rules or patterns to use to form sentences that make sense, are easy to understand and sound correct.

We will talk about all these on the blog and help you become a pro at English 😃

Our story 🤓

This blog started as a blog for French people learning English. With 150,000 readers a month, we're now translating it into English.

The blog is run by Fabien and Misha, as well as other occasional contributors.

  • Fabien learned English in France and then traveled around the world. He speaks French (native), English (fully fluent), Hungarian (C1/advanced), Russian (intermediate-advanced), and some Spanish.
  • Dimitar (AKA Misha) learned English in Bulgaria. He speaks Bulgarian (native), English (fully fluent), French (advanced), Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Spanish.

We hope we can help you find a way to learn English that works for you and avoid our mistakes.

Coming up 🚀

In upcoming articles, we'll see:

  • How long does it take to learn English? (in hours and per level)
  • How to improve your listening comprehension.
  • What to read in English
  • How many words you need to know in English
  • Methods that work, and methods that don't!

...and a lot more.

If that sounds like something you'd like to read, please click here to keep in touch with us and receive the next articles. No spam, only material to learn English. Over 2,400 people already signed up! 😙

Wishing you lots of success in English!
Fabien & Misha

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