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Find your words in English with the #1 phonetic English program

Click & Speak is an innovative product - the only one of its kind in the world - to help you find your words in English and speak it with a clear pronunciation from the start.

With this interactive English-language training by your side, you will:

  • Listen to and see the pronunciation of English — so you'll understand English phonetics and spoken English.
  • Enjoy practicing your English every day – from 20 minutes to 3 hours a day, according to your schedule.
  • Learn the 5,000 most important words in spoken American English and you'll master 96% of English vocabulary — so you can talk about anything and everything in English!
  • Absorb English grammar intuitively – thanks to a well-designed grammatical progression, in line with common proficiency levels.

The spaced repetition system built into the program will allow you to retain what you learn for life. Meanwhile, the modern, fun content will motivate you to continue.

The result? English will become a language that's familiar to you – one that you'll master much better than the vast majority of people.

Finally, Click & Speak can go wherever you go, because it's available for computers, tablets, and smartphones with just one subscription!

I want to master spoken English and find my words in English 

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Dear reader,

Click & Speak made its debut in 2015 and, since then, 1 019 people have used it to learn English. They are learning English the smart way, thanks to innovative technologies.

Following the success of my previous books, I spent more than two years building Click & Speak (C&S.) What was my goal? To bring together all of the proven techniques for learning English efficiently, in just one training program. One user, David, summed it up this way:

Kudos on your training program (Click & Speak), which brings together several smartly implemented learning strategies: the frequency list, the SRS system, intuitive grammar, and words and sentence structures learned in context…

…In addition to that, in Click & Speak, you have audio and phonetic transcriptions absolutely everywhere. That's what makes it possible for C&S users to know how to handle not just written English, but spoken English, too - a need that has been sadly neglected in many English as a Foreign Language courses and classes!

We could also go on about the lively, contemporary content and the fact that C&S trains you to find your words in English (not just to understand without being able to speak.)

In short, Click & Speak is not just a rare product, but entirely unique: it's the only product in the world that teaches you 96% of spoken American English, using carefully chosen sentences (and dialogues.) Why 96%? Because, after this threshold, you won't need your native language anymore, you won't need me anymore, you'll be independent in English.

Sound complicated? Not at all. As you'll see below, the training program is designed to be simple, minimalistic, and easy to use. (If you know how to click, you know how to use it!) That will allow you to focus on your English, instead of wasting time wondering – over and over again – what to do next, where and how to learn English.

Reading this page will answer a lot of your questions so you can start off learning English on the right foot. It's pretty long, because I wanted to give you all the helpful information you need to choose the English training program that's right for you.

So let's see how an innovative English method - one that has already helped almost a thousand users master English for life - can help you, too.

Wishing you good progress in English,
Fabien Snauwaert
Last updated: Thursday, March 7, 2019


There's a big problem in the learning of modern languages all over the world.

English is not such a difficult language. And yet, most people struggle to learn it.

That's not normal. The education system is not suited to the task.

And that's a real shame! There are lots of studies on the brain, memory, and modern languages that can help us. Books and other pieces of advice written by polyglots and multilinguals are also available to tell us how best to learn.

I've spent 19 years practicing English every day, 10 years teaching English through books and a newsletter, and I've traveled the world for 4 years practicing Spanish, Hungarian, and Russian – on top of English. While my native language is French, I now use English the most, and other languages a lot.

I know what to do in theory in order to learn and master a language – and, above all, I've already spent a lot of time experiencing it in practice!

Now, I've brought all of this experience into the smartest, most complete product there is for learning and mastering 96% of spoken (and written) English.


Click & Speak is an online training program to completely master the use of the 5,000 most common words in spoken American English.

What does it mean to

Completely master


You can say you've mastered English when you can:

  • Remember and use each word when you need it;
  • Articulate correctly – in a way that's totally comprehensible for a native speaker;
  • And do all that in the context of grammatically correct sentences.

Why learning English is a juggling act

Speaking English means doing a lot of things at the same time.

You need to pay attention to phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar simultaneously (with all of their details.)

What's more, you must do it quickly enough to understand in real time – and be able to respond without hesitation, without thinking.

That's something you do naturally in your native language, but still, it took you 7 years – and about 10,000 hours – to get there.

Now, with Click & Speak, I'd like to help you do that in just 1 year, thanks to the power of your adult brain and an online English language training program that is there for you every step of the way.

How do I find my words in English?

There's no secret to finding your words in English; you have to practice and speak the language. To get there quickly, still no secret: you need to practice all the time.

The only "secret" involved might be that you have to know how to get organized in order to see results and stay motivated. And there, you'll see that going for more is, in fact, easier than doing less! (A paradox related to the way our memory works.)

In order to meet these goals, I decided to bet it all on simplicity, doing all of the grunt work for you, in order to save you needless effort. That allows you to concentrate on what matters in English.

In short, I've laid out the work for you so that even someone starting out as a total beginner can learn and retain something in English every day – and use it! I've eliminated everything that's unnecessary, in order to focus on the essentials that will help you succeed.

Here's what you get with Click & Speak.

The 80/20 rule tells us that 20% of English words are used 80% of the time.

Scientifically selected vocabulary

I spent more than 3 months in 2014 building and analyzing a corpus of spoken American English. A corpus is a collection of texts or dialogues, used to study a language scientifically and see how it is really used.

That makes it possible to answer practical questions, like: How is such and such a word used? What forms of a word are used most often? What words go together with this other word? Or even: What are the most frequently used words in English?

That's how I was able to produce a frequency list with the most commonly spoken words in English. The 5,000 words at the top of this list alone cover 96% of spoken English.

In other words:

The 5,000 most commonly spoken words in English are used 96% of the time!

It's an extreme example of the Pareto principle, also called the « 80/20 rule ».

That is critical information, because acquiring vocabulary is among the most arduous tasks when you're learning English.

Studying vocabulary at random is a dreadful error in terms of efficiency!

I'd even say it amounts to an unforgivable error in our information age – which makes analysis of any corpus much more accessible.

The situation is even more dramatic when we're just starting out, and every new word requires significant effort from our brains. Learning uncommon words at that point is a real waste: the brain won't manage to retain it because it won't see the word again before long. Meanwhile… we could have expended our effort more intelligently instead, by learning a useful word that we could have used right away.

In passing, one characteristic that distinguishes hyperpolyglots from normal people is an ability to intuitively determine the most frequent words in a language. That allows them to concentrate their efforts on what matters – and thus to achieve results.

Sentences and dialogues – not a list of words

Having a list of the 5,000 most common words in English is significant progress, certainly, but it's not quite enough.

It is very difficult to memorize isolated words. Our brains aren't made for that. They need context, and they need to make connections to existing knowledge. That's the natural way to retain new words.

Unlike lists of single words, it is relatively easy to memorize words within a clear, complete, meaningful sentence.

That is the magic of context! It is easier to retain several words within a phrase than it is to retain a single word.

In short: if you want to retain a piece of information, make sure that it is linked to other information. That will improve the chances of your brain "making the connection" and recalling the word or expression when you need it.

Therefore, I have built the content of the training program around one main objective: helping you acquire the 5,000 most important words for spoken English in the context of vivid, useful sentences.

Let me emphasize the word acquire. This isn't just a matter of seeing the words and recognizing them or stammering them out.

No. This is about training you to accentuate them properly, pronounce them correctly, use them in expressions and sentences, know their various meanings,… and, in short, know how to use them with precision. In other words, to know them like the back of your hand.

Why is this so important? Not mastering these 5,000 most common words will always stand in your way. They are everywhere!

Conversely, mastering them, by allowing you to cover 96% of situations in spoken English, will allow you to:

Work in English
Manage your tasks abroad; land work in English; negotiate on even footing…
Travel in English
Stop paying the "tourist tax"; communicate on even footing; be part of the group…
Live in English
With your significant other; your in-laws; your (new) friends; to go live abroad…
Study in English
Get an education in English; be able to learn everything in the original language; study abroad…
Think in English
Find a way to explain yourself in English; use a monolingual English dictionary; watch absolutely all movies and TV shows in the original English version…

There is a before and after 5,000 English words.

There are two main types of language: written and spoken.

The two are quite different. For example, the most frequently used words in conversation are not the same as the most frequently used words in writing. And the written English that you studied in school is not always used in conversation.

With Click & Speak, you're going to prioritize spoken English. Why? For one thing, it's what gives people the most trouble.

For another, spoken English is the most exciting! Now, I strongly believe the following:

Success in English is the ability to build relationships in the language.

If you can't meet people, joke, develop friendships, develop good work relationships… in short, if you can't make a social circle for yourself in English, then unfortunately, that means you are failing.

That may sound harsh, but it's the truth: being functional in English means being capable of living in English-speaking society. Talking like a robot or like a book will cause you problems. It will put an artificial barrier between you and native speakers, and it will make you an outsider – rather than someone fully accepted in his or her environment.

The only way to feel at ease in your relationships with English speakers is to master the spoken language.

That's why we're going to focus on spoken English at first. It's the most natural, it's indispensable – and training you on that in English will open you up to real opportunities, both personally and professionally..

Immerse yourself in full audio in English

All of the training program's content is available in audio format. No need to imagine the pronunciation or to look it up in the dictionary. Just click!

In Click & Speak, pronunciation is everywhere and it is always available in just one click!

Finally, unlike a teacher or a friend, Click & Speak never gets tired of repeating itself. If you need 15 tries to correctly distinguish the sounds that make up a word, not to worry. The program is designed for that; it lets you repeat quickly and easily.

Gradually adopt the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

All of the content that you will use is available with a phonetic transcription in International Phonetic Alphabet format. This means that you can compare sounds in writing, in addition to comparing them by ear. And that's good news, because our eyes are more reliable than our ears.

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a fantastic solution for writing English phonetically. English is not pronounced the way it's written, but with IPA, you can see how English is really pronounced.

A little quiz: do you know how to pronounce the following words in English?

Try to pronounce them, then click on them to hear the answer.

These words are not written at all the way they are pronounced! They are pronounced, respectively:

  • /ˈkɜr·nl/ – just two syllables - and the first L is actually pronounced like an R!
  • /ˈaɪ·ərn/ – it's as though the O came before the R and, actually, is not pronounced at all like the letter O!
  • /ɪgˈzæm·pəl/ – the word doesn't start with an "ex-" sound, but with an "ig-" sound. The pronunciation of the letter X straddles two syllables.

To be clear, not all English words have a pronunciation as extreme as the word "colonel," but situations like these are not exactly rare, either. English spelling is neither consistent nor phonetic! IPA gets us out of that logjam by allowing us to rewrite English phonetically.

In the past, learning the IPA required a good deal of personal effort. You had to take phonetics classes and spend a lot of time in the dictionary, checking and relearning the true pronunciation of the words, in order to get used to the symbols.

With Click & Speak, it's absolutely everywhere, and you quickly get used to the IPA and the true pronunciation of words.

Since you can use the training program without prior knowledge of the IPA, that also means that you can start working on phonetics immediately.

Then, little by little, simply through exposure, you'll get used to the International Phonetic Alphabet – to the point that you'll read it perfectly.

In addition to helping you get the right pronunciation in English, the IPA will be very useful to you in learning additional languages.

(And believe me, once you've mastered English, you'll want to learn another language – and you'll have the confidence to do it!)

Click & Speak is a one-of-a-kind English training program.

It's the only one that teaches you the 5,000 most common words in spoken American English and offers you new content, 365 days a year.

That happens in the form of Monologues and Dialogues that give you a ton of practice and get you hooked on English.

The Monologues

screen capture: Click & Speak, Monologue

These Monologues look very simple:

You get a sentence in your native language and have to translate it into English. Then, you get to see and hear the answer in English.

That said, it's only the tip of the iceberg.

The Monologues are there to help you acquire, simultaneously: English phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar.

With these monologues, you have access to a condensed version of English. It's small but mighty!

Nothing has been chosen randomly.

If you had only 10 minutes a day to devote to English, this is exactly what you'd need. No other program has distilled its content this way to provide maximum teaching with minimum effort.

Why hasn't any other English program done this to date? Simply because it requires so much work to prepare it. And also because no other program has gone to the trouble of analyzing the 5,000 most common words in spoken English.

On top of that:

  • Each English sentence includes the text format and the audio format, with phonetic transcription and Phonograph.
  • Each sentence is useful, interesting, or funny – so that what you are learning is really of use to you, and so that you'll retain it. No pointless sentences! Just sentences that serve a purpose! And it's all peppered with humor, because that helps you keep going.
  • Each sentence follows a grammatical progression. Nothing has been left to chance.

These Monologues are really a smart summary of what you need to know in English.

Personally, I recommend working on these sentences as soon as you get up in the morning (before breakfast, or otherwise during your commute) in order to get your day off to a good start in English. But since the pace of the training program is flexible, you can do it at any time of day.

Finally, these Monologues feature a spaced repetition system, to help you with memorization.

You'll study 16 to 24 new sentences each day. Then you'll have the rest of the day to review them, putting in a minute of your time here and there. It's streamlined and efficient.

The Dialogues

Despite some hints of humor, the Monologues are relatively serious. They offer you a window of time in which you are hyper-concentrated on English. Meanwhile:

Screen capture: Click & Speak, dialogue

The Dialogues are designed to give you a moment of smart relaxation in English – getting you to practice with a smile!

Learning English is often too serious, even though speaking English is exciting, fun, and even invigorating.

With the Dialogues, you practice English without feeling like you're working.

The majority of the dialogues contain humor or interesting situations. They might be situations taken from daily life (most of them are!), but I have systematically tried to set them apart by making them entertaining. You can talk about simple things without getting bored! You can learn and be captivated!

I recommend working with the Dialogues in the late afternoon, to relax while reviewing your English. They are true to the notion that learning English should be a fun time, not a chore!

If you laugh frequently while listening to these dialogues, if you are moved, or if you learn about interesting topics, I'll have met my challenge .

You'll have access to one new dialogue per day, seven days a week, for a year. All of the dialogues are bilingual; they are in English, accompanied by a normal translation and by a literal or "pivot" translation. They all come with audio and Phonographs.

Here are some of the situations that you might encounter in the dialogues:

  • Imagine that you are at a language-exchange party…
  • Imagine that you are introducing yourself to a group…
  • Imagine that you are talking about your siblings…
  • Imagine that you are meeting someone through CouchSurfing
  • Imagine that you are talking about what you plan to do during your trip to the United States…
  • Imagine that you are shopping in a store…
  • Imagine that you are exchanging texts with a friend…
  • Imagine that you are talking with your in-laws…
  • Imagine that you are on a date …

And that's just a taste of the first two months of using the training program! (600 vocabulary words)

You'll see lots of other situations as the months go on - situations that you need to know how to deal with, in order to speak fluent English.

With these dialogues and monologues, you'll make progress toward learning 5,000 words in English – and you'll have seen a whole lot of realistic situations! You will be ready for real life.

Can you say the same for your typical English course?

Within a year, you will have learned 5,000 distinct words through more than 7,000 Monologues and over 20,000 sentences in Dialogues.

The translations

All of the content is written in English in order to teach the 5,000 most common words in conversation, within practical and/or compelling sentences. They are then reviewed by a proofreader, re-edited, and finally, recorded by actors.

They are also translated by a professional translator.

The translations are provided in two forms:

  • A normal, or literary, translation: a translation in normal language, so that you can clearly see what idea is expressed.
  • A "pivot" or literal translation: a word-for-word translation that allows you to check your comprehension of English for 100% accuracy and see how the English language thinks things (since we don't think the same way in different languages.)

This double-translation system may be labor-intensive for us, the creators, but it's impressively efficient for you, the user! No more wasting time trying to understand what is said in English!

When you practice on the Monologues, you have the pivot translation to help you find the precise formulation. And when you are relaxing with one of the Dialogues, the double translation helps you check your comprehension completely.

This double-translation system is there throughout the program, so that you can use the English content without the shadow of a doubt.

The grammar you need

The Monologues use a grammatical progression in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the world reference in proficiency levels. You'll move up a CEFR level approximately every two months.

This means, for example:

  • No compound sentences when you haven't yet mastered simple sentences
  • No passive voice when you haven't yet mastered the active voice
  • No past perfect continuous when you haven't yet mastered the past perfect
…and so on and so forth. There is a logical order in which to learn English grammar, and it is carefully respected in Click & Speak.

EAQUALS and the British Council have done remarkable work on this subject. I would have had a hard time being this precise and organized in the teaching of English grammar without their publications on the topic. So, many thanks to them – kudos!

The Dialogues also respect this grammatical progression, but in a somewhat freer manner, because when you meet English speakers, they won't always adapt to your level of grammar.

Not recommended for children under 12 years of age

Not recommended for children under 12 y.o.

Click & Speak teaches you real, contemporary English.

Some of the Monologues and Dialogues (about 1.5% of them) contain swear words, insults, or vulgar slang in English. This may be with a humorous or dramatic tone, depending on the context.

Why teach you this? Simply because not knowing this vocabulary means not knowing English. These expressions are a part of the living language (and of the Top 5,000), and I'm sure that you use one or two of them in your native language(!) It is therefore necessary to include them.

Even worse, knowing them but using them incorrectly could make you sound like an idiot! I don't want that for my students.

For these reasons, Click & Speak is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.


A few statistics on what Click & Speak contains:

  • Monologues: 4 hours and 47 minutes of Monologues for 7,066 Phonographs.
  • Dialogues: 17 hours and 35 minutes of Dialogues for 365 Dialogues and 24,004 Phonographs.
  • As far as the text is concerned, the training scripts represent a total of 231,360 words.

Finally, many users use Click & Speak three hours a day!

Is it because they have a gun to their head? No. It's simply because they've gotten hooked on it. They LIKE it (see testimonials here)! And three hours a day for a year makes a total of 1,095 hours of English practice over the course of the year. At that pace, of course people make progress.

You'll use Click & Speak as often as you wish. You're in command. And if you did just 20 minutes per day (the minimum recommended), you'd already rack up 121 precious hours of English, at a pace of two and a half hours per week. When was the last time that you happily practiced that much English?

UK or US English?

I think you'll agree that this English training program is already extremely rich in content and technology.

In order to focus my efforts, I had to choose between two variants of English: American English and British English.

In terms of accents, this involved choosing between two prestigious accents: the standard accent in the United States (General American) or the standard accent in the United Kingdom (Received Pronunciation).

This type of choice is, obviously, always subject to debate, so it's worth taking the time to discuss the matter. It's also a question that readers often ask me.

Which dialect of English to choose?

Here is my reasoning for choosing a variant of English on which to focus:

Cultural influence
The cultural influence of the United States (television, film, music, literature) is by far the greatest in the world. Thanks to the power of media, American English has established itself as THE language of international communication. Whatever your personal opinion, there is no point in denying this reality. In the end, while British media production is abundant, it is not as widely distributed internationally.
The population of the United States is almost five times greater than that of the United Kingdom. The United States is demographically powerful.
One or more accents?
There are, of course, a variety of regional accents in the United States, but overall, the American accent is fairly homogeneous: the differences between the standard American accent and the regional accents are not enormous. On the contrary, Received Pronunciation may well be famous, but it is used only in a limited area of the United Kingdom and by only a fraction of the population – because the numerous regional accents dominate much of the country.
American speech processing technologies are more advanced than their British counterparts. Developing new technologies for the many British accents would have greatly lengthened production time and the cost of the product – and we wouldn't be here today.

In the end, I built Click & Speak around the foundation of English as it is spoken in the United States. It's a rational choice that will serve you well in the long term.

With an American accent and vocabulary, you'll be understood everywhere.

In the training program, you'll find authentic American vocabulary (common expressions, informal expressions, slang) and American pronunciation. The spelling is American as well.

By focusing on one accent in particular, you will be better able to develop an authentic accent, with native-like pronunciation. That's an opportunity I wish I'd had 19 years ago.

(Note: while it is, of course, extremely tempting to make a British version, the priority is to provide as much as possible to you in the current version. I may be old-fashioned, but I believe in quality over quantity. The same goes for special editions for the Australian accent, Irish accent, etc. These are really exciting prospects – that will eventually see the light of day – but let's be patient.)

In the meantime, if the accent is cause for any hesitation, keep in mind that your time is valuable and that this is a first-world problem. Do you want to use the most precise program in terms of phonetics, and the only one to teach 96% of spoken English? Or would you prefer instead to deprive yourself of it because the accent is American rather than British? By the time a British version is available, you could already have mastered English thanks to the current version – and be understood everywhere. The ball's in your court.

Perhaps you've heard of the circadian rhythm (from the Latin circa diem, "approximately a day"), which refers to the processes, especially biological ones, that take place over the course of about 24 hours. The best known of these is the alternation between sleep and wakefulness that marks the passing of our days, one after the other.

Less known, but just as worthy of attention, is the ultradian rhythm (from the Latin ultra diem, "multiple times per day"), which refers to the processes that repeat several times daily. For example, our moods and our hormones see variations about every 90-120 minutes.

You're about to say to me: "That's all well and good, Fabien… but what does that have to do with my English?"

I'll answer that in a moment, but first, we'll need to talk a bit about our brains.

Why we forget what we learn in English

Our brains are not designed to retain everything. When we acquire new information, it gradually fades, eventually disappearing altogether. This is represented by what is called the forgetting curve. It was demonstrated in 1885 by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, in his study on memory:

A graph representing the Forgetting Curve

On the vertical axis, the power of memory; on the horizontal axis, time.

The more time goes by, the more memory disappears. A piece of information that we initially retain at 100% will wind up disappearing at exponential speed (as illustrated by the red curve on the graph.)

Our brains are not designed to retain everything.

There are exceptions to this (very emotionally charged information can be retained for life from the start), but overall, we must expect to forget information unless we review it.

On the other hand, if we consistently review the information, we reinforce it. It fades less quickly than the first time, then even less quickly the second time we review it, and so forth (the green curves on the graph.)

That's why it is easier to do some English several times during the day. By practicing several times a day, we don't have the time to forget from one day to the next.

The question then becomes, how often to review?

Use a Spaced Repetition System (SRS)!

In order to memorize a piece of information, it is "enough" to repeat it. The problem is that, if you review too often, you get bored. If you don't review often enough, you forget!

Spaced Repetition Systems, or SRS, were invented to provide, in part, a solution to this problem.

Click & Speak™ incorporates its own spaced repetition system, inspired by the works of Professor Paul Pimsleur.

An SRS allows you to optimize your review time by managing the frequency with which you should review a piece of information. The most common of these are Anki, and SuperMemo, which have you review flash cards once a day and ask you whether you know the answer (with a certainty level ranging from "easy" to "difficult".) Thus you review the more difficult cards more often, while the easier ones gradually disappear from the set.

These tools have shown their worth. Their thousands of users bear witness to that; they finally manage to retain vocabulary that had seemed impossible to memorize.

My criticisms of traditional SRS tools are as follows:

  • They have you review the information only once a day. However, our memories fade more quickly than that. In a matter of hours, we forget what we've learned.
  • A lot of time is spent judging the quality of our own responses. There may not be any intrinsic harm in that, but personally, I don't enjoy grading myself. Instead, I prefer to spend more time practicing the language.

That brings us to the works of a certain Paul Pimsleur…

Memorize throughout the day, at regular intervals

The works of linguist and professor Paul Pimsleur demonstrated that memorizing vocabulary in a new language requires seeing the information several times… per day!

That's something that students rarely do. Which means that we're all wasting a lot of time relearning vocabulary, simply because we waited too long to review it.

In his article A Memory Schedule, Paul Pimsleur describes an optimal time interval for reviewing and retaining vocabulary.

He called this concept Graduated Intervals, with review times as follows:

5 seconds, 25 seconds, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, 1 day, 5 days, 25 days, 4 months, and 2 years

After these 11 reviews, you would be set for… 7 years!

But good luck managing the review times with your schedule!

Prof. Pimsleur died quite young and couldn't continue to put his work into practice.

The great irony in all of this is that, while there is a language method bearing Prof. Pimsleur's name, until now there has been no training program that respects the time intervals he recommended. No method offers review several times per day, according to the pace noted above.

The technology to do just that is now available – and it's included in Click & Speak.

Carry your English teacher in your pocket!

Today, the smartphone revolution finally provides the opportunity to fully apply Prof. Pimsleur's discoveries.

Click & Speak™ can go everywhere in your pocket, on your phone or tablet (if your pockets are big enough!)

Keep in mind how important that is, because, since memory fades rapidly:

It is much easier to acquire English by practicing it several times a day,
rather than by studying it just once a day.

When you wait too long to review a piece of information, you're forced to restart from further back, maybe even from the start. Why waste time repeating things just because we're reviewing them too late? It's discouraging and frustrating (on top of being really boring.)

Practicing several times a day (what I call the ultradian rhythm), using Click & Speak™ on your telephone or computer, allows you to get much better results from your effort.

In short, it's one more piece of evidence for what might be the most important saying in English: "Consistency pays off!".

The best content in the world is worthless, if it's ruined by soporific actors or low-quality recordings.

I've tested out a lot of language methods (in English, Spanish, Hungarian, and Russian), and it's always sad when, after searching far and wide, you finally come upon good texts: compelling, contemporary, fun… just to discover that the recordings are lousy, made by depressive actors who sound like they're on the brink of suicide.

So I had one criterion for this training program: none of that here!!  

I want you to be happy to hear the voices of the actors and actresses every day! I want you to be excited about it!

Why is that so important? That's simple. It's because you're going to use those voices to:

Model your intonation, your pace and your English pronunciation after those of native speakers

If their voices bore you, annoy you, or put you to sleep… It just won't work. You'll give up. You won't listen to the recordings as often as you could have. So I don't want that. I'd even say it's intolerable. I want you to practice every day because you want to listen to the content – not because you're forced to or because you feel the need to "do your homework".

It's just like at school…

Think back to a year when you had a teacher who spoke in a monotone and your interest and performance in that subject took a nosedive.

Now… think of a class that you enjoyed going to because you liked the teacher. He or she was nice, warm, funny… And you were attentive, motivated, and looking to do well. That's how I want you to feel about English! It's that sense of enjoyment that I've tried to recreate with the content and the actors in this program!

That's why I've recruited energetic, professional actors to record the content of this fantastic online English program.

Professional actors

It's time I let you in on a little secret… I didn't build Click & Speak just for you; I built it for myself as well! For a while, I had been itching to get my hands on the perfect recordings on which I could model my own accent.

I got it done, without compromising on quality, even if it meant being incredibly stubborn about the hiring of actors and actresses.

I got a lot of applications. I stopped counting after the first 100 candidates. And, out of all these actors, I only hired 5. In order to be selected, a candidate had to:

  • Speak with a standard American accent (General American);
  • Have clear, articulate elocution;
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic;
  • Have a friendly, pleasant voice.

As a student, it's much easier to listen and to pay attention under these conditions!

You're going to repeat some of the content in this program 15 times, so it was important that these voices, the voices that will be your guides for a year, be attractive.

But you ought to be the judge. Meet our dream team!

Alan Adelberg

 Listen to Alan

Dianna Conley

 Listen to Dianna

Will Irace

 Listen to Will

Karena Metford

 Listen to Karena

Brad Vinikow

 Listen to Brad

These are the five main actors. Other voices complement theirs as needed.

Voices recorded in studio

All of the voice work was recorded in studio, then professionally edited by a sound engineer.

That means: no echoes, no ventilation or traffic sounds, no other background noises…

No amateurism. No tapping the mic, none of the popped P's, hissing, whistling, breaths, swallowing, or sighs that all too often spoil the audio recordings of modern language programs.

Just quality voices.

The new Phonograph™ teaches you English phonetics effortlessly .

Phonograph ( from the Greek phono- "voice" and -graph "to draw"*) :

A multimedia player for viewing and interacting with the
intonation, pace, and articulation
of spoken English.

It's a technological innovation that solves the fundamental problem in the teaching of English: how can we visually teach English pronunciation?

When you're just starting in English (and often, even after a while), everything in the spoken language goes too fast!

Having a visual aid makes it possible to analyze spoken American English with a cool head. And the Phonograph makes it possible to display the characteristics of spoken English on one screen, including:

How does the pitch of the voice change over time?
Pace / Rhythm
Exactly how long does each sound last?
Exactly what sounds should be used in each word?

This also provides an idea of:

Word Stress
What part(s) of the sentence should be emphasized?
Syllable Stress
What part(s) of the word should be emphasized?

All of these phonetic characteristics are very different in English than they are in other languages, which explains the difficulty that people have with speaking English.

This tool alone is worth several hundred dollars, because it allows you to work on your accent, which remains the most difficult aspect of learning English.

The Phonograph™ allows you to study English phonetics easily, getting accustomed to it and speaking comprehensibly. No other solution is as precise when it comes to phonetics. It's a revolution in the teaching of spoken American English.

Try the Phonograph

 The Phonograph · On the vertical axis, intonation; on the horizontal axis, time.

In addition to helping you visualize the sound, the Phonograph allows you to quickly navigate within a sentence to relisten to a word or sound.

That represents a huge time-saving trick, compared to the difficulty of skimming an MP3 file just to listen again to one part. If you've ever hit the back button a dozen times on the same English recording, because you couldn't understand what was being said, you know what I'm talking about.

If that strikes you as insignificant, sure, 10 seconds wasted on hitting the back button to relisten to a difficult word might seem negligible. But, multiplied dozens of times over hundreds of days, by thousands of people? That's an incredible waste. And I'm not even talking about the people who choose not to listen over again or to hit the back button on an MP3 because it's tedious (and I understand them), but who aren't making any forward progress in their speaking skills because of it!

In order to make progress in speaking skills, one must re-educate the ears to adapt to the sounds of English.
This is done by listening attentively to the language to give meaning to what you're hearing – this is how you become able to understand better all the time.

The Phonograph solves all of these problems. It has never been so easy to concentrate on spoken language in order to understand and accurately repeat English.

By repeating along with the Phonograph, and by trying to synchronize your voice with the voice on the recording, you can model your pronunciation on that of a native speaker. If your goal is a perfect accent and pronunciation, I don't know of a better way.

The Phonograph is an exclusive feature of Click & Speak is several years ahead of the competition - which is totally neglecting phonetics in the teaching of English.

Here are the main benefits provided by the use of Click & Speak:

You'll find your words in English

There are two ways to communicate in English: expressing yourself and understanding.

These might be called, respectively, producing and receiving language.

If you want to find your words in English, you must produce language on a regular basis, whether by speaking or by writing.

When you focus exclusively on understanding, the problem is that you don't practice speaking. And that means words will fail you when it comes time to speak.

On the other hand, when you practice speaking, you are also practicing comprehension!

The program takes advantage of this principle and trains you to speak every day, several times a day.

Speaking. Don't keep quiet; find your words.

You'll speak with correct pronunciation from the start

The most difficult aspect of English is that it isn't written the way it's pronounced. The language isn't phonetic; its spelling is not transparent.

Learning English with text alone is therefore a huge mistake that leads to an incomprehensible accent.

In Click & Speak, it's just the opposite: you learn spoken English first, and you can see, with precision, the real pronunciation of English – thanks to a smart visual support mechanism, the Phonograph.

Click & Speak is the first phonetic English learning method.

No other method is as precise when it comes to phonetics and pronunciation.

Phonetics. You'll hear English differently and learn to speak English without a foreign accent.

You'll master 96% of spoken English

Click & Speak is the only method built around the use of the 5,000 most commonly used words in spoken American English.

The most common words are the most important. Knowing these 5,000 words allows you to cover 96% of the vocabulary.

All of the words are taught in context, in complete, useful sentences, with a spaced repetition system to help memorize them.

Vocabulary. By the time you complete this training program, you'll know 96% of spoken English vocabulary and you'll be able to do everything in English, without using your native language.

You'll know grammar as required by the European Framework…

Click & Speak uses a grammatical progression that corresponds to CEFR recommendations (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.)

You'll learn everything you need to know in order to speak English without grammatical errors.

Rather than learning grammar exclusively from a theoretical perspective, you'll learn it through examples and through practice, in an intuitive way.

Grammar. You'll know all the grammatical structures needed to speak English properly.

The program adapts to your schedule

When learning English, consistency is key.

On days when you are overwhelmed: learn English by devoting just 5 to 10 minutes a day, in the smartest, most efficient way.

The rest of the time, practice as much as you wish (from 20 minutes to 3 hours) on the website, at any time of day, to go deeper and to improve your speed.

Click & Speak was designed to be at your service 24/7.

It's like an English-language dojo. It's your own personal English simulator, and it's always available. You can come to the site at any time, whether to practice for 1 minute in a waiting room or for 20 minutes in the peace and quiet of your own home.

Consistency. You'll retain what you learn, and your efforts to learn English will finally be rewarded.

Time-saving tricks

Everything you need in one spot.

Click & Speak saves you all the time you'd otherwise waste searching all over for the information you need.

That allows you to concentrate on what you're doing and practice English.

That one advantage by itself makes your investment in the program worthwhile, because nothing is as valuable as your time.

Time management. You'll spend your time practicing English, not trying to figure out what to do next.
Good to know

Do you have what you need to join us?

Technically, the Click & Speak content is delivered via web application.

That means that, in order to use it, you'll need one simple thing: a modern, up-to-date web browser.

Not to worry, that just means using a recent version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Most browsers update automatically. To update your browser manually, click here:

For an optimal user experience, I recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

Internet Explorer is outdated and is not supported. The content is delivered via state-of-the-art web technologies, and I had three options. 1) Decline to use some of them because Internet Explorer doesn't support them. 2) Double the development time (and the price of the product) to support the 3% of users who continue to use outdated browsers. 3) Concentrate my efforts on modern technologies for modern users. I obviously opted for the third solution, by far the most logical. It allows me to concentrate on creating quality tools, rather than on managing the bugs and limitations that come with Internet Explorer.

Compatible computers, tablets, and smartphones

Click & Speak on desktop, tablet and phone

Our online English training program is designed to work on computers, tablets, and smartphones, so that you can practice throughout the day.

You'll need Internet access to use the training program.

Compatibility details

Click & Speak™ works on all computers. As for smartphones and tablets, with thousands of different models and just as many different versions of operating systems out there, it varies, and it's unfortunately impossible to test every device. We use innovative technology and, generally speaking, the more recent the phone model, the better the chance that it will support the program.

To test whether your phone or tablet is compatible, use the Phonograph™ demo above.

If that demo works, then the entire Click & Speak™ program will work for you.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Additional details for Apple users. Click & Speak™ is compatible with the following versions of iOS:

iOS Version Compatible with Click & Speak™ Notes
< 7 No No audio support
7.1.1 Yes
7.1.2 No iOS audio management bug in this version (no sound.) Fixed in iOS 8.
8 Yes
9 Yes

Length of the program

The Click & Speak program is anticipated to take one year.

The anticipated pacing of the program is as follows:

Level Duration Number of words Grammatical structures
A1 2 months 600 words 22
A2 2 months 1,000 words 25
B1 2 months 1,100 words 22
B2 2 months 1,000 words 17
C1 2 months 1,000 words 8
C1+ 2 months 300 words 0

If you are a beginner, you're in luck. This is the perfect way to get started with English.

If you are no longer a beginner, you can benefit from the program by focusing on phonetics and the ability to find your words quickly in English. Most learners' spoken English is off in terms of intonation, emphasis, and pronunciation. The training program allows you to start over, correct your spoken English for good – and develop a good accent.

In terms of workload, students should expect to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day (ideally in the morning), then a few minutes over the course of the day – to review vocabulary before it's forgotten. In the evening, study a dialogue to continue practicing while you relax, in English.

It is expected of students to go get some practice outside of the training program (through English-language media, work, family, meeting new people, etc.)

The program is designed so that you can keep up with it even when you are very busy. However, it isn't meant for slackers. If you're looking to do as little as possible, yet get to an excellent level of proficiency, this program isn't right for you - because no program is right for you. If, on the other hand, you want to make smart progress and master English for life, you are in the right place, and I'm here to help.

My mission is to provide quality content in English every day to the people who place their trust in me. Who are they? People who want to learn and make constant progress in English. You know, people who understand that learning English doesn't happen overnight, but that well-organized work pays off!

If you want to learn English for life and/or if you want English to help change or enrich your life, you will surely relate to the tone and content of this program.

Already, 1 019 people have placed their trust in me and have used Click & Speak™ since May 2015. The following are some testimonials received unsolicited (emphasis mine):

Great job, this is exactly the program I needed! I'm surprising myself by doing 2-3 hours of English a day (I have the time at the moment) without even realizing it. The dialogues are great, I'm learning a lot from them, and the monologues are very progressive with the repetitions… It's becoming like a game. Thank you for your commitment and the high quality of your work.

Fabien B.

I really like what you've created. Of course, I only started about a week ago, but I like it and I have to admit that it's the first time I can say that. I've cheerfully used it every day, and I'm stunned.

Valérie G.

For my part, it's too soon to say whether the monologue sentences are becoming part of my daily life. (I work for A., and most of the conversations are in English.) What is certain is that I have made progress in grammar (especially in the past tenses; before, I would have said, "How long did you learn English" rather than "How long have you been learning English?".)

Max D.

Click & Speak is still great, marvelous. It's quick, fast, I don't waste time. I still don't read the English sentences because they aren't difficult, just the phonetic symbols and the Phonograph.

It's not easy to speak as fast as the speaker but I do my best.


I tried your program this morning (the Monologues) and I'm very happy with it. My spoken English is very stiff, and I realized after about a half hour of repetitions (up to 20 or 30 times in a row) that it's becoming more fluid.

I can't wait to see what will come of it over time and how the automatic reflexes of this fluidity will become established.

Véronique D.

Having used Click & Speak for three weeks, I'm satisfied. I think I'm working about an hour a day.

It's really pleasant to be able to work on the monologues with the help of the Phonograph.

Christian D.

A quick note about your learning app. For my part, I understand all of your dialogues in writing. What I like is being able to figure out the difference in translation from one language to the other and, of course, the pronunciations and the audio recordings.

Learning alone is tough, being unable to communicate in English on a daily basis to move learning forward. This is helping me a lot, and your newsletters help me feel less alone and acquire new learning techniques that I wouldn't have thought of.

Anne-Sophie B.

I have to thank you because, in one week, it really feels like I've taken a giant step forward in learning the English language:
Vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, speech rate, etc.

As someone who only scored 2/20 on my Bac exam in English, it's a pleasure to make progress with your program!!

David M., nurse

Thanks a lot for your message. More importantly: thanks a lot for your really interesting method for learning English. I’m very satisfied and energized to work as often as possible, almost every day.

Jean-Philippe A.

First of all, many thanks for your Click & Speak program! It's pure joy to work on it every day and to see my accent improving little by little!


First of all, many thanks for your work, especially Click & Speak. This program is fantastic for its ease of use and the way it encompasses all of the items to work on in order to make good progress in English.

It's a great tool, especially in my case as a student in a preparatory class. You've done the hardest part of the work for me and it's so reassuring not to have to ask questions like: What should I study now? With what resources? A grammar/vocabulary book? Is my work really efficient?

What Click and Speak has done for me is to silence these questions and allow me to prioritize action!


The most frequent comments from users are that they are devoting more time to English, in a concentrated way, and that they are having fun while doing it, thanks to the enjoyable content.
(In my opinion, the two go together! When you're enjoying yourself, you're not watching the clock.)

Let's summarize. How would you estimate the value of a solution that offers you, every day, all that you need to:

Master 96% of spoken English – in other words:

  • Find your words in English with good pronunciation, without a strong foreign accent
  • Master the 5,000 most important words for spoken English
  • Retain what you learn – with the spaced repetition system

For a complete solution, all-inclusive, that lets you ignore the superfluous and just concentrate on the essentials?

To avoid wasting your time figuring out what to do in English, but just go ahead and practice your English and improve all the time?

For a solution that's flexible with your schedule, and that can be carried anywhere on your computer, tablet, and smartphone?

Consider, also, why you need to learn English for life – and what you're losing by putting it off.

There's a price to pay when you wait to make your dreams come true because they require you to speak English. For your work, for your relationships, for your fulfillment.

It's lost income.

Answer these questions: What promotion have you lost because you didn't speak English? What relationships are you missing out on because you can only communicate in one language? What opportunities are you denying yourself because you don't speak English well enough?

Not speaking English is one of the modern forms of illiteracy, just like not knowing how to use a computer. It weighs you down in terms of your career and your options in life. It has a cost in missed opportunities.

The price you pay for NOT speaking English is greater than the cost of learning it

Get the equivalent of $608 worth of classes each month for one low price

I sincerely believe that tutoring with a good teacher is the only viable alternative to Click & Speak.

For reference, an English class costs 31.21 dollars per hour on average*.

From my experience, if you want to progress at a good pace with tutoring sessions, you'll need three 90-minute classes per week, or:

3 90-minute classes per week

= 3 classes × 1.5 hours × 31.21 dollars × 4.33 weeks

= a budget of 608 dollars per month.

If you want to compromise and take only two classes per week, that's still a budget of 405 dollars a month.

Below that level, you'll progress too slowly to benefit from your classes, because you'll forget everything you've learned from one class to the next.

And that's only if you can find a gem of a teacher, make room in your schedule, and come up with the money to budget for it.

Finally, if you're looking to work on your pronunciation and your accent, classes with a highly specialized American tutor are often considerably more expensive, with a going rate of at least $100 an hour. The Phonograph built into Click & Speak allows you to work on your accent and your pronunciation absolutely every day, for just a fraction of the cost.

Exclusive technologies

Click & Speak is bringing unique innovations to language training

There is simply no other solution:

  • As precise when it comes to phonetics - thanks to the Phonograph.
  • That teaches you to use the 5,000 most common words in spoken English – thanks to the site's exclusive frequency list.
  • That allows you to practice English several times a day – no other solution to date has applied Paul Pimsleur's graduated intervals.

And English training programs that you can carry everywhere you go, whether at home or at work or on your commute, are rarer still.

If you've read this far, it's because you truly want to make progress in English. You're tired of endlessly putting off the moment when you'll make real progress in English - the moment when you'll be able to:

Speak out loud in English with a good accent, good pronunciation, good flow, and the right choice of words.
The moment when you'll be able to find your words without thinking.

Marketing experts tell me that I could charge whatever I want for this English training program. Why? Simply because it's full of innovations that you won't find elsewhere.

I could easily ask for $150 per month for these innovations – and it would still be a really good deal. It would still be much less expensive and much more flexible than organizing private lessons, infinitely more precise than a printed book, and much more compelling than an audio-only method.

And if you ever want to produce the same content as Click & Speak™ for yourself, good luck. The budget for the actors alone is over 2,900 dollars per month on average. That's without counting the thousands of hours of writing and programming for the training, or the ongoing work of the proofreader, translator, and sound engineer.

But my goal with this program is to offer you the best English training possible, at a reasonable price.

Master English for about a dollar a day

Click & Speak™ is available at a "no excuses" price of about a dollar a day.

This means that, every month, for the price of about an hour of tutoring, you have access to:

  • hundreds of hours of practice in English;
  • new content every day, for a year;
  • the chance to practice English anywhere, at any time of the day or night – according to your schedule, anywhere you have an Internet connection (computer, phone, tablet.)

At this price, you have no excuse not to learn English… Because you probably spend more on coffee every year.

If that is still beyond your budget, that means that you currently have higher priorities than mastering English. But if you are serious about wanting to make great progress and enjoy doing some English every day… You've come to the right place.

Your subscription helps to support the team that helps me create the product: the proofreader, the actors and actresses, the translator, the sound engineer, and an assistant. It allows me to concentrate on the program full-time, creating content and continuing to create innovative products for people who want to master English.

1) The Rock-Solid Guarantee

I have always offered a solid guarantee on my products, ever since I began publishing online in 2007. Here it is…

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Your purchase is guaranteed risk-free.

Try Click & Speak for 60 days. If you're not totally excited about the program, I will reimburse you. Just write to me within 60 days of your purchase and I will promptly issue a refund.

This guarantee is usually 30 days. For Click & Speak, I extended it to 60 days because the program is longer and because I know that the program may represent a significant financial investment.

My point of view, as an entrepreneur, is that the business should be bearing the risks, not the client.

Take action and use Click & Speak for 60 days. It's totally risk-free.

It's not right for you? Then just contact me within 60 days. I will immediately refund your money. No worries, no hard feelings. We'll cheerfully go our separate ways and move on to other things.

The last thing I want is unhappy clients' money. If for any reason you no longer want the program, then the quicker I give you a refund, the better off we'll both be.

This guarantee is not subject to any conditions.

2) The Results Guarantee

In addition to the Rock-Solid Guarantee described above, I've decided to add an additional guarantee based on your results.

If you are not satisfied with your results after a year, request a refund.

Either you'll succeed or you'll get your money back

Your success is guaranteed.

Use Click & Speak for a year. If you have not made significant progress in phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar, or if you are still not finding your words in English, I'll refund your money. Just write to me at the end of the program to tell me what didn't work for you, and I'll promptly process your refund.

This guarantee is subject to conditions (see below).


  • In order to be eligible for this guarantee, you must use the application for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, every day for one year.
  • Administrative fees of US$50 apply and will be deducted from the refund if necessary.

Why offer this guarantee? First, because it allows you to get started without fear. Next, because it requires you to commit to a minimum level of effort in the program. And finally, because it forces me to continue providing quality work, not just now but over the long term. All of these are positive constraints that require us to give our best effort in order to succeed.

Don't waste another minute! Use the smartest method to find your words and master spoken English.

Yes, Fabien! I want to find my words in English and master spoken English! Give me access to Click & Speak!

Ordering is easy.

Click on the button below to pay for your subscription via credit card on the secure site:

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